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Cumberland Consulting Group


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Company Information
Who is Cumberland Consulting Group?

We’re a group of experienced consultants helping our clients improve the services they provide and improve their overall business performance. We are looking for great people to join our team and help us serve our clients.

Cumberland Consulting Group is a national information technology advisory, implementation and support services firm serving the healthcare industry. We invest in our people and believe that they are our greatest asset.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work at a firm that values your talents and experience and want to be a part of an organization you can be proud of, we’d love to talk to you.

Company Benefits
We offer a very competitive benefits package, a flexible work environment and a variety of projects for our specialist consultants. Contact us today to learn more.

Current Open Positions Results in RSS RSS Results

Date Position Location Save Job
06/20/17 Epic SER Analyst (3614) Area - Northeastern US
06/20/17 Cerner Revenue Cycle Resource (3636) Area - Southeastern US
06/19/17 Cerner SurgiNet Builder (3632) Area - Southeastern US
06/19/17 Cerner Scheduling Analyst (3631) Area - Southeastern US
06/19/17 Cerner Charge Master Coordinator (3628) Area - Southern US
06/13/17 Business System Analyst (3402) Area - Southeastern US
06/13/17 Epic Connect Deployment Coordinator (3604) Area - Midwest US
06/13/17 Epic HB Consultant (3607) Area - Northwestern US
06/08/17 Epic Security Analyst (3584) Area - Northeastern US
06/05/17 Epic Beaker Analyst (3572) Area - Southern US
05/26/17 Epic HB Analyst (3537) Area - Northeastern US
05/23/17 Epic Cadence Analyst (3516) Area - Northeastern US
05/23/17 Epic Security Analyst (3514) Area - Northeastern US
05/17/17 Senior Project Manager (3506) Area - Western US
05/16/17 Cerner Clinical Consultant (3504) Area - Southwestern US
05/16/17 Cerner Oncology Consultant (3503) Area - Midwest US
05/15/17 Epic Cadence/Referrals Certified Analyst (3496) Area - Central US
05/15/17 Epic Beaker Analyst (3493) Area - Southeastern US
05/15/17 Epic SER Analyst (3489) Area - Northeastern US
05/12/17 Epic Stork Analyst (3486) Area - Southern US
05/11/17 Epic Home Health Billing Analyst (3477) Area - Northeastern US
05/10/17 Cerner Patient Accounting Testing Coordinator (2343) Area - Northeastern US

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